"Where everyBODY Health Healing Therapy Wellness is our GOAL!"

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About Us

Why Body GOALS?

Our clinic prides itself on getting you better as quickly and effectively as possible! What makes us unique is that we have both a physical location and we are mobile as well. This hybrid model gives us the ability to treat you wherever is most convenient for you! Whether you need to get back on the field or simply need a restful night of pain free sleep… wherever you fit in, We guarantee that we can assist you in getting over all limitations successfully!

Who do we treat?

We treat everyone from all stages of life. Maybe you are one of our wonderful seniors that wants to get back to moving without pain. Maybe you are a weekend warrior that wants to see how far you can push your limits. Or maybe you are a professional athlete that wants to keep your body working optimally. Wherever you are, we pride ourselves on making sure that each client feels important, valued, and cared for…But most of all we want our clients to feel better!

What makes us so effective?

We developed the “root and fruit” principle of healing.  Many times, the pain you may be experiencing is simply the fruit of a deeper root cause. Our job is to fix that root, and when we do, the pain will naturally subside. When healing the body, there is no “cookie-cutter” approach.  When you visit us as a patient, we are constantly learning how your body responds to certain techniques and treatments.  This is what makes our clinic so effective, because everyone gets a customized plan catered to their individual needs!  

"Getting Over All Limitations Successfully"

Dr. Q, What is your “why?”

“My love for physical therapy started at a young age with my grandmother who was a bilateral amputee. I saw how physical therapy helped her be able to walk again and gave her back her quality of life. I used to massage my grandmother before and after her therapy sessions, and I knew at those moments that I wanted to do for others what was done for my grandmother.”
Dr. Q is a graduate of Florida State University with a B.S. in Exercise Science. While in undergrad, she was a member of the Track & Field Team. She went on to obtain her Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from University of South Florida. Dr. Fluellen has over 11 years of PT experience where she specializes in orthopedics, sports specific training, rehabilitative yoga & pilates, dry needling, and pain management. Quiana is a strong believer in corrective movements and fixing the body’s total function in order to maximize mobility and decrease overall pain. She has worked with numerous types of athletes, including current & former NFL players, collegiate & high school baseball players, golfers, and runners.


Co-founder, trainer, mental sports coach

Andre, what is your “why?”

“Playing in the NFL for eight years gave me a great insight on what makes people great…The common thread amongst the greatest athletes was NOT talent. It was how they THOUGHT about themselves. They THOUGHT they were the best. They THOUGHT they could win every time. It was their mindset that made them successful, and the same things are true for EVERYONE, not just professional athletes. I love teaching the mental methods that can make people successful in life!”
Andre Fluellen is also a graduate of Florida State University, and was a star defensive tackle for the Seminoles. After graduating, he was selected in the third round of the 2008 NFL draft and enjoyed an 8-year career before finally retiring in 2016. In 2012 specifically, he became a believer of Dr. Q’s techniques when he was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in both knees, and was encouraged by doctors to retire. By the use of her stretching and wellness protocols, he was able to extend his career a number of years and is still pain free until this day. He is a certified mental sports coach, and he believes that the success he enjoyed in the NFL was due to the wellness & recovery techniques Dr. Q taught him, and also the mental & imagery techniques that he learned from various books, personal experiences, and sports psychologists.