Body Goals Gallery

The girls love coming to mommy's office to workout on the Red Cord!

Concierge services available for our clients

Dry Needling:
When your skill is also a work of art! Dry needling has tremendous benefits

Whatever life throws at you, remember to take time to smile!

Our office is catered for our client's comfort and care

Hard work!!
When it gets tough, remember to smile through the pain!

Stim + Dry Needling:
In certain situations, we use Electric Muscle Stimulation alongside our Dry Needling! This gives our patients extremely effective results!

Sometimes a good release is what we need. Come to Body Goals to be treated with the utmost care!

Red Cord Stability:
Wellness patient working shoulder stability with the Red Cord

Offloading Body Weight:
Physical Therapy patient using the Red Cord to offload her body weight to exercise in a pain free zone