Don’t worry, it’s just business!

As a business owner, there are always challenges and obstacles that will come up. There will be times when things are going great and you feel like you can conquer the world, and there will be other times where you will feel like you shouldn’t even have started a business in the first place. That’s just part of the process! But there are some other things about business that, if you aren’t prepared for it, can either make you extremely upset or make things much more difficult than they should be. I want to address one potential issue that could arise that could not only affect your business, but your home life as well.
As a physical therapist, I am always working on people’s bodies. I love the human body! It is the most wonderful, beautiful piece of machinery ever created. Everything works together in such harmony, and my job is to keep it working like that. I am graced to be able to work with all kinds of bodies, and they are all unique and beautiful to me. But if I was unprepared, this could have been a problem in my home life. Let me explain…
I’ve worked on many NFL players during my time as a therapist. Many times I go to their homes and treat them privately. While this is an awesome experience, this could also cause trouble at home. Why? Because I often get to treat some of the most fit and in shape people on the planet. Literally! These athletes don’t just work out, their bodies are their work, and many times their bodies look accordingly. This is where honestly, openness, and security in oneself plays a major role.
My husband understands the nature of my job, and I talk to him about everything that I do. But what if he was insecure about me going to an NFL players home? What if there was an argument every time I treated someone who had a “six-pack?” This would not only reduce my opportunities for business, but also it would put a strain on our marriage. Why? Because I’ve worked so hard and studied so long to become a Doctor of Physical Therapy…Now my biggest cheerleader doesn’t want me to treat people who could transform my business because of his insecurities? That is a real problem and I want you to be prepared for anything in business.
So me and my husband talk. About everything. He is comfortable and confident that I am doing everything I need to do, he only gets concerned about the people I’m treating, not so much about me. And I totally understand that. But he would never have that level of comfort without COMMUNICATION! So in business, don’t move so fast that you forget your spouse has feelings, your spouse has insecurities (we all do), and your spouse needs to hear, “don’t worry it’s just business!”
-Dr. Q