Feeling Better vs Being Healed

I get it. Sometimes we are in pain for such a long time that when we get one day of relief, we try and do the things that we did before. We feel like we are losing ourselves, losing that great body we worked toward, and losing our peace of mind because we aren’t able to keep up the workouts or lifestyle that we had before. I totally understand, but I want you to keep reading so that you can not simply focus on feeling better, but focus on being healed!
As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, my job is to find the root of whatever issue is bothering you while simultaneously giving you pain relief as I treat you… It’s very difficult to do both but it’s possible! I’m sharing this with you because I believe that we can use your rehabilitation as your exercise, and that we can keep up that body that you worked for WHILE relieving your pain and fixing the root of your issue.
Think of it as active rehabilitation. Think of it as a new way of working out. Think of it as pain relief and exercise at the same time! That’s what I want you to begin thinking about. It is possible to do both. Why am I so adamant about telling you this? It’s because I understand how stressful it is to lose what you worked for and be gaining pain. It’s like you are losing the thing you want to have and gaining the thing that you don’t want to have…THAT CAN BE SO DISCOURAGING!!!
So if you are dealing with constant pain and feel like you can’t workout, or if you are starting to feel better but you are scared to workout because you might “reset” the issue, I want you to begin focusing on being healed vs focusing on feeling better. Visit your local therapist and let them coach you through a program that will not only heal you, but challenge you and help you keep that body you worked so hard for. If you need recommendations for a good physical therapist in your area, please let me know! (I know a really good one in the Atlanta area lol)
-Dr. Q