The life of a Mompreneur

You ever get tired of being tired? Like seriously what do you do when you are so tired and worn out every single day that you say “I wish I had a break from being tired!!!” It’s one thing to be tired; but it’s twice as hard when your exhaustion has you exhausted. Starting a business is hard enough, but honestly starting a business AND raising young kids, AND raising a husband (sorry Andre!) can seem downright impossible at times. Here’s what I will tell you that no one else will tell you…..It actually is impossible for you to do it all!
Why would I say it’s impossible? Because sometimes impossible is ok. Sometimes it’s ok to not have the answer. Sometimes it’s ok to get so frustrated that you “lose it” at times. Sometimes it’s ok to cry. Sometimes theres just not enough time in the day to do everything that you need to do! For moms like us, impossible is actually a very good thing and here’s why… Many times we think we can do it all. Many times we think that we are strong enough to handle things on our own. While that mindset is commendable, it’s actually unrealistic and downright dangerous to think like that. Why? Because the beauty of humanity is that we are all humans, and all humans have needed another human at some point in our lives. As we grow older, we unfortunately begin to think that most people are out to “get us” and begin to isolate ourselves more and more as we’ve been hurt during the tough times in our lives.
Unfortunately, this has caused us to limit how far we can go in life. To all my moms out there, many times you don’t just feel like the quarterback of your family, you feel like the entire team! You feel like you have to call the plays (coach), then execute the play (quarterback), then you have to block people trying to attack your family (Offensive line), then have to catch the passes that you threw (receiver), and then try and score the touchdown! But then when it’s time to celebrate, who gets all the glory? Hubby and the kids! (or just the kids if you don’t have a partner) Why? Because we did it all for them and forgot the most important person on the team… ourselves. We got so tired trying to do everything that we can’t even celebrate with the one’s that we love the most.
People will try and say “we all get the same 24 hours.” That is a load of something that comes from a male cow that doesn’t smell so good! We may all get the same amount of time in the day, but nobody gets the same amount of day in the time! So to my moms out there who are raising kids and raising a business, I truly salute you! Please remember that you are only one person. You are only one piece to the team. No person can beat an opposing team by themselves. Ohhhh but the day you begin to put yourself first…. the day that you begin to develop your position to the best of your ability… the day that you begin to say “what can I do for me today that will make me the best me?….Ohhh that glorious day is the day that EVERYTHING will change! That is the day the resentment towards those you love falls away because you stop playing their position on the team for them! That is the day, mompreneur, that you take your life back over and begin to reign like the QUEEN that you are!!
Just because you can do anything, doesn’t mean you can do everything
-Dr Q