Try a needle before going under the knife!

Have you ever been at the point where you feel like all hope is lost with your body and fitness? Or how about this; you finally feel good enough to work out again but then as soon as you are finished with your well-deserved workout you are writhing in pain again? Or here’s another one that may be the worst of all….are you gaining weight again and losing that body you worked so hard for because of injury and pain? Trust me, I’ve seen so many situations like yours and understand exactly what you are going through. Let me let my husband tell you a little story about his NFL journey and his “career ending injuries.”
What I want you to know is that there is hope. There is hope to get back to the sport or activity you love doing. You can have a pain free night of sleep. You don’t ALWAYS need surgery. Your body is the most wonderful piece of machinery that has ever been built, and it knows how to heal itself. I’m just here to aid your body in healing itself quicker and more efficiently through evidence based treatments.
Why do I love Dry Needling so much? (it’s a little different from acupuncture)… It’s because I can go directly into the muscle and manipulate the “trigger point” manually. This is something that can’t be done as effectively with surface level treatments (Massage, cupping, etc). Dry needling can get to the root of many issues and many people feel almost immediate relief!
So, before you give up your crossfit lifestyle, before you give up your marathons, before you give up your lifting, before you give up that awesome body you’ve worked so hard to gain, try some needles before going under the knife! Look, my husband was an NFL athlete and was able to play four more years after he was told his injuries was “career ending…” Many of you don’t need to be at the level of a professional 300 pound lineman! But what if you can get back to doing the things you love again without the pain (and cost) of surgery? It would be one of the greatest investments you could ever make for yourself. You only have one body… You owe it to yourself!
-Dr. Q