What in the Lower Back is going on??

So you are just minding your business and enjoying a lovely spring day. It seems like a great day to go to your favorite driving range to work on your short game. So you grab your clubs, your favorite polo, and head out under a clear blue sky to hit the links. When you arrive at the range, the smell of fresh cut grass brings a smile to your face. All your worries seem to melt away at the thought of practicing your favorite sport. As you shift your car into park and get out of your car, you accidently dropped your cell phone onto the asphalt. “Oh boy, I hope the screen isn’t cracked,” you think to yourself. While you are bending over to pick up the phone, you are relieved that the face of your prized phone is still in one piece. But just as soon as your relief about your phone sets in, as you are standing up you feel a sharp, shooting pain that seems to electrocute your lower back! As you blurt out some words that you would rather not repeat, you realize that standing upright is a seemingly impossible task right now, and your hopes of enjoying a leisurely day at the range have just bogeyed…What just happened??
Unfortunately, many of us have experienced a similar story at some point in our lives. Many times we think that this incident “just happened,” but most of the time it was a ticking time bomb ready to go off. Years of overuse, and lack of proper stretching and strengthening was the root cause for this pain explosion that we’ve just experienced in our lower backs. Here is the good news! In many cases this lower back pain can be remedied with physical therapy. Also, for those that haven’t dealt with this issue yet, we can help prevent this issue from occurring with the proper wellness and maintenance programs. We tend to think that the area we are hurting the most is the source of the pain, but in reality most of the time the pain area is the “fruit” of a deeper “root” cause. This lower back pain could possibly be the result of tight hamstrings, weak abdominals, tight hips and glutes, or a combination these.
So with all of that being said, we need to take care of ourselves the best we can BEFORE an issue arises, but if the issue comes up, don’t lose heart! The right physical therapy and wellness techniques can have you back on the course in no time!
“Your greatest possession is your BODY! Our GOAL is to keep it at it’s best!” -Dr. Quiana Fluellen Body G.O.A.L.S. physical therapy and wellness